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November 2009

Whats in a Name?


My name is Talon. But what does that matter? You’re reading this to discover more about a country you may be traveling to or perhaps for the photography. You don’t care about me. Well guess what? I don’t care what you think and you’re going to have to suck it up and listen. I am a 15 year old girl, 16 in a little more then a month, and I love to travel.
I have a thirst for new experiences and travelling seems to quench that thirst, at least for a short period of time. Most of my friends don’t have the chance to travel so I cherish the trips I take, the people I meet and most of all the experiences I have. I also am in love with photography and of course, traveling provides me with some pretty amazing shots. Also, I love fashion, soccer, painting, snowboarding and much more.
I live in Washington State on a little island near Seattle. It’s beautiful here but I prefer the city. I can’t wait to visit New York. I have travelled a lot around the Western United States and been to plenty of Canada. My dad travels a lot in his work and always wanted to take me with him but according to my mom I was always too young. A couple years ago we started getting really serious about getting me to travel with him planning trips to Paris and the Lesser Antilles. Somehow these plans never seemed to follow through and we always ended up going to Hawaii instead. Don’t get me wrong, I live Hawaii but I’m in it for the new places, new experiences, somewhere I am completely out of my element. This past summer was the first time we actually traveled somewhere. But it took the help of several people and constant prodding from me to make it happen (my dad is insanely lazy when it comes to these things). We finally decided on Botswana. Unfortunately the days passed quicker and quicker and the flights we kept on not buying, got fuller and fuller. Finally the only flights left were ones with about 4 layovers and cost WAY too much. So we decided to push it back another year. Instead my dad very kindly took me to Belize (which I will describe in my next post) this past summer and we set Botswana for this coming summer. Well guess what? It got pushed back again, already! We have some friends from Botswana who are visiting their home in summer of 2011 and they said we could come with them, how amazing would it be to go to Botswana with some of its natives? It would be absolutely, insanely amazing! So we pushed it back to go with them. This leaving summer 2010 wide open. So this summer we are going to China to visit my aunt and uncle! She is Chinese and moved to Canada for the past several years to be with my uncle and now they want to move back and live with her family. It will really be amazing and I can’t wait. So there you have it, my travel plans for the next two years. And I have many, many more, too many to share in one post.


Also I have a regular blog: talontoday.blogspot.com incase anyone is interested in my regular life.

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